A day of fallen night

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Uitgeverij: Bloomsbury Publishing UK
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Staat van het boek: Licht beschadigd
Aantal Pagina's: 880
Afmetingen: 140x210x32
Verschijningsdatum: Februari 2023
EAN: 9781526619761


The long-awaited second instalment in Samantha Shannon's Sunday Times and New York Times-bestselling series. Tunuva Melim is a sister of the Priory. For fifty years, she has trained to slay wyrms - but none have appeared since the Nameless One, and the younger generation is starting to question the Priory's purpose. To the north, Sabran the Ambitious has married the new King of Hróth, narrowly saving her queendom from ruin. Their daughter, Glorian, trails in their shadow - exactly wher