Abandoned places

Uitgeverij: Lannoo
Uitvoering: Gebonden
Taal: Nederlands
Aantal Pagina's: 160
Afmetingen: 140x200x20
Verschijningsdatum: Juli 2019
EAN: 9789401461511
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Henk van Rensbergen is a Boeing 787 pilot who flies around the globe. While his crew rests at the swimming pool, he goes out to explore abandoned places in our world. From the breakaway state of Abkhazia, a floating warship cemetery in France, a forgotten love hotel in Japan to an abandoned rail depot in Detroit, van Rensbergen searches for the beauty of their desolation and pinpoints the richness of their decay. Van Rensbergen is a pioneering urban explorer. His Abandoned Places photo books (1, 2, 3 and The Photographer's Selection) have been highly successful. This complete revised edition shows his most iconic photos of the past 25 years, including new unpublished material and anecdotes.