Burn After Writing Teen

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Uitgeverij: Carpet Bombing Culture (CBC)
Uitvoering: Paperback
Taal: Engels
Staat van het boek: Licht beschadigd
Aantal Pagina's: 144
Afmetingen: 128x213x15
Verschijningsdatum: September 2019
EAN: 9781908211378
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New Edition. Contains even more fun and fascinating questions all on your favourite subject: yourself! With even more questions on your favourite topic: You! Burn After Writing Teen is an interactive book for teenagers that invites you to face life's big questions. Who are you now? How did you get here? Where are you going? Some questions are fun, some are deep and some are just plain random. Approach them with courage and creativity. There are no wrong answers. You can take it deadly seriously, or just have fun with it, or both. It's up to you. This is the practice session for the big interview exclusive you will doubtless face when the world finally discovers how amazing you actually are.