Icons of the Netherlands

Uitgeverij: National Geographic
Uitvoering: Gebonden
Taal: Nederlands
Aantal Pagina's: 159
Afmetingen: 237x310x19
Verschijningsdatum: Oktober 2013
EAN: 9789048813865
(Tijdelijk) uitverkocht


Perhaps more than any other, renowned photographer Frans Lemmens is uniquely able to capture the culture, nature and people of the Netherlands in his colorful images. This book is a voyage of discovery along the many faces of the Netherlands. The unique character of the Netherlands is beautifully displayed through the book`s clear layout, covering subjects such as world heritage, water, architecture, economy, typically Dutch and landscapes. In a densely populated country like the Netherlands, where you are never far from a town or city, nature has even greater significance. The Dutch love the outdoors, and walking and cycling are popular leisure activities. And of course there is the omnipresent water: the sea, rivers, canals and drainage ditches. Water is inseparably bound with the history and daily life of the Dutch. And naturally, along with water there are boats and ships, bridges and sluices, dikes and the mighty Delta Works. Frans Lemmens is a true globetrotter. Upon completion of his studies at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit, he made the entire world his home. For many years he worked as a development worker in Africa, as a tour guide on every continent and since 1986 as a professional photographer.