Dream catchers

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The first "dream catchers" were tiny, round handcrafted net charms that were suspended from the top of an Ojibwa infant's tikanagan, or cradle board. Intended to "catch" bad dreams and defend children against illness and evil spirits, the protective charms represented the community's hope for the next generation. In Dream Catchers, anthropologist Cath Oberholtzer engages readers in a wide--ranging discussion about the origins of this symbol of Native spirituality, the diverse designs and materials used in its production and the meanings it has assumed among Native American peoples throughout North America. But Oberholtzer also explores the explosion of the dream catcher as a worldwide marketing venture, sparked by a growing appetite for spritual meaning and by its appropriation by the New Age movement. Available in airport gift shops, shopping malls and on the Internet, the dream catcher has gone mainstream. Here, Overholtzer thoughtfully considers the past, present and future of a cultural icon.