Gambling on Green

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Verschijningsdatum: November 2022
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Are you an investor who wants to make the world a better place while getting stronger returns? Are you an executive building a sustainable business and seeking increased revenue? Are you curious about ESG and what it means for your community or organization? Then this book is for you! In Gambling on Green: Uncovering the Balance between Revenues, Reputations, and ESG, veteran financial services executive Keesa Schreane delivers a straightforward and practical guide for business leaders and investors navigating the world of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. As ESG debates and scandals find their way to both newspapers and 10-Ks, many managers feel lost and unclear about how to drive a sustainable approach. Readers will learn to identify corporate sustainability, recognize good corporate governance and social responsibility, and understand what makes a company an exemplary steward of the environment. You`ll also discover: * Why ESG investing is increasingly important and how the most successful asset managers are building their sustainable portfolios * How a business commitment to creating products with ESG in mind can benefit revenue efforts and increase customer loyalty * How to cut business costs through sustainable operations * Different sustainable bonds and how to leverage each to promote ESG while maintaining positive returns * How some companies have incorporated ESG with spectacular success and others have ignored it completely--sometimes, to their peril With compelling case studies and thoughtful analysis, Gambling on Green is a must-read for anyone interested in how investors and corporations are shifting their focus toward environmental, social, and governance issues. This book will earn a place on the shelves of retail and institutional investors, executives, and board members looking for a roadmap to some of the defining corporate and social issues of our time.