John Lennon - The Illustrated Biography

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Born in Liverpool on October 9, 1940, and shot dead in New York on December, 1980, John Lennon's life was tragically short and yet remarkably full. By the time of his death he had achieved and almost unprecedented level of fame, first as one of the Beatles and then as a successful solo artist. The rebellious, angry young man had matured into an uncompromising, outspoken political activist and ambassador for peace. After an undistinguished beginning with a band that played at local gigs, he founded the Beatles, one of the most important, influential and exciting pop groups of all time,which played a major role in changing popular music and popular culture forever in the 1960s. John was never afraid to experiment; his writing evolved throughout the 1960s as he was exposed to new influences, both musical and otherwhise. Through a series of candid photographs from the archives of the Daily Mail and comprehensive captions, this book charts the captivating life-story of the complex and enigmatic personality that was John Lennon. Despite the contradictions, John Lennon was always scathingly honest, and always had faith in his message and his methods he also believed that on a universal scale, his contribution would be small, but nevertheless, he touched hearts and minds across the world with his art, his words, and his music.