Uitgeverij: Lannoo
Uitvoering: Gebonden
Taal: Nederlands
Staat van het boek: Licht beschadigd
Afmetingen: 248x288x35
Verschijningsdatum: Oktober 2017
EAN: 9789463052399
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It's a kind of magic. An everyday kind of magic, but wondrous nonetheless. Interior styling means putting objects and furniture and colours together in such a way that they stop simply being things. You position a chair on this side, exchange a few pillows on that side; add a tiny, but all-important detail, and all of a sudden it's a room! More than a room: a beautiful place that says something about who you are and what you value.To get your creativity flowing, this vtwonen book provides page upon page of inspirational ideas. Arranged by seasonal moods, colours and themes, but meant to be enjoyed for as long as you like.