40 by Studio Piet Boon

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Verschijningsdatum: September 2023
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Pioneering for forty years in an industry where long-term success is rare, Studio Piet Boon stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. This book serves as a testament to their accomplishments, featuring 40 design ideas. It is complete with mesmerizing photography and detailed insights into the studio's most recent projects and iconic products. All these have been conceived through collaboration with their clients and a diverse, talented team - the fundamental building blocks of Studio Piet Boon.

Piet Boon - Founder of Studio Piet Boon
"We're pleased to introduce 40 by Studio Piet Boon. It's a book that talks about our values and the successful collaborations that build our brand. The book is a source of inspiration and fresh ideas, expressing our commitment to making timeless designs.”

The book, conceptualized and authored by Herbert Ypma, not only unveils the studio's design aesthetics but also delves into the role of art, cultural history, and philosophy and how these elements are integrated into the specific project designs at different locations.