500 dutch recipes

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Discover a variety of Dutch recipes that celebrate the country’s culinary heritage, the outstanding range of the country’s produce, and the skills of its chefs and home cooks. From hearty stews and light snacks, to delicious cakes and spiced biscuits, there’s something for every palate.

Combine curly endive, apples, kale or sauerkraut with potatoes to make a delicious stamppot, or try a hunter’s stew, braised beef with cloves or nasi goreng. For dessert there’s a Limburg apricot pie, creamy bavarois or vanilla custard.

Celebrate King’s Day with an orange-glazed millefeuille, Christmas with breakfast bread and wreath-shaped cookies, or look forward to the arrival of St Nicholas with some traditional fudge or an almond pastry.

There are dishes for every taste and appetite, whether you want a quick ‘bouncer’ (fried eggs on bread), light shrimp cocktail, classic split pea soup or to make your own stroopwafels.