Alesha - Her Story

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Beautiful, smiling, and unwaveringly upbeat, you would be forgiven for thinking that the pop star and Strictly success story, Alesha Dixon, has followed an easy path to fame. But behind the smile that has endeared her to the nation lies a story of struggle, heartbreak and rejection. Success came early when Alesha formed the R&B girl band Mis-teeq and had a string of chart-topping hits. When the band split up Alesha's luck seemed to run out as she was dropped by her record label and her seemingly happy marriage to fellow musician MC Harvey ended very publicly, leaving Alesha at rock bottom. Despite this Alesha picked herself up, and in 2007 became a household name when she took part in that year's Strictly and emerged as the winner, turning her life and career around. Since then Alesha has had a string of top-ten solo hits and once more won over the nation's hearts when she took part in the celebrity sponsored climb of Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief earlier this year. Alesha's rise to the top is the stuff of dreams and her strength of mind, determination and bubbly personality have cemented her role as the nation's sweetheart.