Camel: Every Album, Every Song (On Track)

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Camel remain one of the leading lights of 1970s progressive rock, selling to sell-out audiences across the globe, and still fronted by inspirational founder Andy Latimer. Formed in Guildford, Surrey in England in 1971, Camel , though not directly part of the genre, were strongly influenced by the bands emerging from Canterbury in Kent at the same time. In particular, the band's mixed humour and profundity, in a similar way to bands like Caravan and Hatfield and the North. However, and there's a clue in the name, and their music seamlessly integrated Middle Eastern and North African themes, forms and rhythms - as well as Jazz, folk and classical elements - to create an exciting and exotic new strand to the ballooning world of progressive rock in the early 1970s. After two critically well-received, but unsuccessful albums, Camel came to transatlantic attention in 1975 with the release of purely instrumental The Snow Goose, inspired by Paul Gallico's novella of the same name. The chart success of that album led to a sold-out performance in October 1975 at the Royal Albert Hall and cemented the band's place in the ongoing story of progressive rock. With Latimer still at the helm, and after almost 50 years and fourteen studio albums, Camel continue to perform to rapturous receptions across the world. This track by track analysis takes the reader along on their half-century journey, carving out a special, inimitable niche in British rock music.