Kabul beauty school

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Deborah Rogdriguez went to Afghanistan with nothing but a desire to help and a degree in cosmetology. There she joined the Kabul Beuaty School, which welcomed its first class in 2003. Well meaning but sometimes brazen, Rodriguez, one of the school's first teachers and its eventual director, tumbled through language barriers and overstepped cultural customs as she learned how to empower her students to become their families' breadwinners, teaching them the fundamentals of coloring techniques, haircutting, and makeup. Yet witin the small haven of the beauty school, the line betreen teacher and student quickly blurred. As these vibrant women shared their stories, Rodriguez found the strength to leave her own unhealthy marriage and allow herself to love again, Afghan style. With warmth and humor, Rodriguez reveals the magnificnce behind the burqa - and presents the remarkable tale of an extraordinary comunity of women who come together and learn the arts of perms, friendship, and freedom.