Jamie King of the kitchen

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The intimate story behind the devoted husband and father, talented chef, television celebrity, and political animal Jamie Oliver's charm and down-to-earth approach to cooking has made him a household favorite. Jamie rose from a humble pastry chef to television star by catching the eye of producers during a documentary about the River Cafe, where he was working at the time. His onscreen charisma meant he was featured heavily in the finished documentary; the offers came flooding in, and so The Naked Chef was born. The program was a huge success, with an intimate and fresh approach to the television chef. Jamie's passion shone through and drew in a younger audience. His television series and books gave Jamie fame and fortune the world over, but he always wanted to do something positive with his success. Through his charity restaurant and campaigns to ban unhealthy food in schools, Jamie has proven to be more than simply a celebrity chef. His desire to bring about radical change has seen him meet with top politicians and raise millions for his causes. This is his story.