What flag?

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An up-to-date guide to all the flags of the world, What Flag included details on population, capital cities, and origins of each flag across several individual states and countries. National flags are potent patriotic symbols with varied wide-ranging interpretations, often including strong military associations due to their original and ongoing military uses. With origins in military use, flags are as much a part of history as word-of-mouth storytelling. Flags have been recorded in use as early as 3rd millennium BC. Inside What Flag, you'll find a multitude of flags from around the world and their history: how they were used in battle, origins on how they were made and how they are used today. Not only does What Flag describe each of the world's flags, it also showcases important organizations and unions that exist throughout the world. What Flag makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in history or military history and yearns to learn more about the way countries evolve over time, including their usage of flags and their meanings. It is easy to walk by flags flying in front of important buildings in bustling cities without thinking about their origin or what they mean, but with What Flag you'll learn to appreciate these bold pieces of flying cloth for the ideals and practices they represent in different countries.