Just the two of us - Entertaining eachother

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Two is a prime number that has now become a fast-growing market widely known as empty nesters. There is so very little designed especially for just two people. Here, a stylish foodie who lives in the real world has focused on the needs of two. Throughout fifteen years, Isabel has produced many hundreds of great romantic dinners for two. For any occasion, there is a collection: quick and easy; a little more time; and to indulge. When it\'s just for two and you want something new, recipes for four aren\'t too helpful. How do you halve an egg for instance? Here, Isabel has produced a stylish collection of recipes for two. Be it for intimate dinner or not, you\'ll find everything here. Isabel has an international background and takes enthusiastic delight in her wonderful food. Here, she has created real temptation for all the senses and every recipe has been properly tested, so that even inexperienced cooks are guaranteed success. This is an eclectic mix for two that is sensitive to the different time frames that can apply in a busy lifestyle. It is seasonally aware and produces great eating, rich in flavours and textures.